The Samsung M2002 has taken the market by storm since it was introduced back in the 90’s. It has a number of unique features which make it stand out from its contemporaries Samsung M02 . It is one of the first phones to have multitouch support and it also has a very advanced digital camera which can perform multiple functions. You can use it to capture moving images and videos.

There are a few things which need to be mentioned about this touch screen phone. One of them is the Samsung M02 price. As it is one of the most popular phones today, Samsung has set a standard for the price of the product. This phone is offered in several different versions. Some of the most basic ones come with a screen-to-body ratio of 10.5 inches while others go up to an amazing one hundred and twenty five inches.

A couple of interesting things about the Samsung Galaxy S is that it comes with two memory options. The first one is the single slot model which has a minimum of one gigabyte of memory. The other one is the double slot model which has two gigabytes of memory. These two memory options in the mobile phone help to increase the speed and performance of your Samsung M02.

Another thing worth noting about this touch screen mobile phone is that it includes a fast charging feature. One of the reasons why Samsung launched this device with a fast charging feature is because it wanted to attract more customers. The new model of this mobile phone also includes an intelligent personal manager which helps to manage all the incoming calls and messages in a systematic way. Samsung has integrated a few innovative technologies in this mobile phone like the intelligent personal manager and the fast charging feature.

Samsung also introduces a unique dual SIM lte set in the Samsung Galaxy S. This dual SIM lte set in this mobile phone is a combination of both the micro and the big size memory. With this set you get to enjoy a dual SIM capability with your other preferred network. With this set you can switch easily between the two different networks and enjoy various privileges as per your choice and needs. The Samsung Galaxy S with a single large memory helps you to save lot of money on making multiple calls. If you compare the prices of these two models you will find out that the Samsung M02 is much cheaper than the former model.

You can buy samsung mobiles from any leading network provider like Vodafone, three, T-mobile, Orange and many more. You can buy Samsung M02 gray 2GB at an affordable rate from various online stores. Samsung M02 is easily available in different colors like blue, gray, black and pink. So wait no more and buy samsung mobiles at the best price.

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