What do worms eat? While it’s true that certain foods will not hurt your worms (and vice versa) https://bensupstairs.com/ , many of the foods that you as a home composting gardener would enjoy eating are not healthy for worms or the compost. Some are even dangerous and should be avoided altogether. Worms do not generally eat things like cornstarch, chocolate or milk.

Some foods that you do want to feed your worms are plant-based foods, including leafy greens, chlorella, clippings from your garden, and egg shells. While some worms do prefer this type of food, most will thrive better on a varied diet of meat, vegetables, and other organic waste. Many gardeners unwittingly let their worms eat leftover scraps, such as leaves from their plants. Just be sure to rinse the leaves thoroughly before feeding them to your worms. Another great food for your worms is tea bags. As crumbs and other waste is poured onto the top of tea bags, the worms will feast on the waste.

What do worms eat other than these plant-based foods? In general, they can eat pretty much anything organic, whether rotting, whole, or ground up. However, there are some foods to avoid, such as raw meats, eggs, dairy products, and some fruits and vegetables. There are also some types of waste, such as egg shells and tea bags, that will not feed your worms.

So, what do worms eat? Aside from plant-based foods, earthworms enjoy a variety of different types of earthworms in their natural habitat. Earthworms need a variety of different kinds of earthworms in order to be happy. Some species, however, will die off if there are too many of them around.

What do worms eat? To begin with, they enjoy a variety of different kinds of waste. However, one food that is particularly beneficial to earthworms is shredded paper. Shredded paper can provide a number of benefits for your worm bin, including feeding your worms and eliminating any excess waste.

What do worms eat, then? Of course, it depends on what kind of worms you have. But some of the most popular foods for worms include egg shells, coffee grounds, coffee grinds, coconut pieces, leaves, and stalks. For a complete list of what worms eat, look at the “What Do Worms Eat” section on my website. There you’ll find a complete list of organic foods and compostable waste to feed your worms.

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