Credit repair is a service provided to individuals who need help repairing their credit report. A credit report is a list of all of the accounts creditors have on an individual. When an account is deleted it is not totally removed from your credit report. However, the creditor still has access to the information. That is why you need to hire a credit repair service to help you fix any problems you have on your credit report.

Credit repair software allows consumers to improve their Credit report and correct inaccurate information and errors in their credit history. If you have a poor credit standing or you think you might be a victim of identity theft you should take advantage of the credit repair programs available online Fixed Credit Repair. You can dispute items on your credit report that you feel are wrong. After you have filed the dispute the company will review it with the credit bureau and notify them of the dispute.

There are three credit bureaus that provide reports to creditors. They are TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Many people have complained that the credit reporting companies tend to make errors in calculating a credit report score because they do not check every single item accurately. The good credit repair company will find the errors in your credit report and dispute them so that they are corrected. If they are corrected then you can be sure that your credit report is accurate.

In addition, when you are disputing errors on your report you should send a dispute letter to each credit bureau. This is where the company comes in. You should provide them with the details of the items you wish to have removed from your report along with proof that they are incorrect. They then contact the creditor and try to work out a reasonable solution for removing the item.

Remember, the major credit bureaus are required by law to remove inaccurate or false information from your credit report. However, they have little incentive to remove inaccurate or false information because it increases your risk of getting a poor credit rating. If you are able to prove that the negative item is inaccurate, the creditor may be receptive to negotiating a solution that keeps it off their report in the future.

To get started, the credit repair company will need your birth date, social security number, current address, name, and any other information that is relevant. You will need to disputing the negative items one at a time. In some cases it may take more than one dispute to remove the item completely. If you are successful in having the item removed from your report, you will be on your way to good credit scores!

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