You must first understand the meaning of each type of assignment before you begin writing it. For example, argumentative essays must be understood by students who have to write them. They should also understand the format and purpose of these papers. The same approach can be applied for any type of academic writing including explanatory essays.

This article will describe what an explanatory paper is, its primary purpose, and key features. While many people believe writing an explanatory article is simple, it can be difficult for students to distinguish between different types of essays.

This article will help you write an informative essay. You will gain new knowledge and improve your writing skills by following the guidelines provided in our manual . When you follow the professional paper writing advice, you will find it easy to write an explanation essay.
What is an Explanatory Essay?

An explanatory article is a type academic paper that presents the author’s point of view on a specific topic, subject or event. Not to be confused with expository essay, an explanatory article is also known.

You shouldn’t always agree with the points of view when you write this type of assignment. You are expected to describe an event or situation, and then provide an analysis on the subject. It is important to be objective when presenting information or arguments from others. You should also avoid any criticisms in your explanation essay. While explaining, it is not a good idea to argue or persuade. Allow readers to draw their own conclusions, not try to convince them to agree with your point of view.

The purpose of an explanation essay is to present a neutral opinion on the topic through analysis from research. Its primary purpose is to give a clear explanation of why things happened as they did. The audience should understand your viewpoint after reading it, even if you don’t agree with them.

Usually, the writer of an explanatory essay chooses a topic to write about and approaches the subject from a specific angle. Most cases this angle is complex and allows for discussion. The author gives a reason why a certain outcome was achieved from the point of view he or she chooses.
Topics for Explanatory Essays

Explanatory essay topics are usually pre-assigned by college professors and teachers to students. For example, you might be asked to explain your brain’s functioning or to list the events that led the 2008 financial crisis.

You should remember that explanatory essays are based upon facts, so if you are asked to pick the topic of your essay, it is best to do so by yourself. The custom essay writing experts recommend that you choose an easy-to-explain topic. You will find that more opinions are required to explain the topic in an essay. This makes it more complex and more time-consuming. As long as the topic falls within the assigned parameters, we can still explain almost anything.

Format for Explanatory Essay

An explanatory essay is typically written in five paragraphs. The typical format for an explanatory paper is a 5-paragraph essay. It usually has an introduction and three body paragraphs, each with a subtopic. A conclusion is also included. This is a basic essay format.

Remember that your explanatory writing does not have to be limited by five paragraphs. You can write longer. Your introduction should contain a powerful thesis statement, regardless of how many paragraphs are included in your essay. You should also double-check whether the paper is based on factual information and not just personal opinions. Last but not the least, connect paragraphs with transitions.

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