It used to be that the sky is the limit for those who graduated with an MBA degree. They could easily find employment with a great salary in every industry imaginable, all over the world. However, even the MBA graduates faced the tough job market during the recent economic crisis. Luckily for the recent MBA graduates and those considering pursuing the MBA degree, the job outlook is finally improving. Even better, it looks like that could be a beginning of a long-lasting upward trend MBA .

Investment banking and consulting is not seen any more as a preferred option for MBA graduates when it comes to careers. It looks like the finance has finally lost its lustre! The career outcomes for MBAs are now more diverse than they were ever before.

New MBAs are increasingly choosing jobs in information technology, e-commerce, computer services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and energy sectors. Hiring is still strong in consulting, finance, marketing and product management. Wall Street is, on the other hand, offering fewer jobs and smaller salaries than prior to the recent economic crisis, especially in trading and sales. Banks are also still cautious about hiring.

MBA graduates are instead flocking to hi-tech companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. Goldman Sachs, McKinsey and Company, General Electric, The Boston Consulting Group, Bain and Company, Nike and Disney are also popular MBA employers.But, some things have definitely changed since the crisis began. More jobs than ever now require MBA degree.

Today’s MBAs are not shunning jobs in nonprofit and start-up companies, quite contrary. They want to work for companies that benefit the world in some way with their services and products. Some MBAs are going the entrepreneurs route themselves.

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