Airsoft war games are realistic war games without expensive ammo, guns, painful welts. Combat situations on battlefields involve the use of military tactics to achieve objectives. Participants emulate the tactical equipment and accessories used by the military.

Use a notepad that you can access anywhere, like Evernote or Google Drive. These apps are free and can be accessed from your desktop, phone or tablet. If you’re really artsy, you 7.62×39 hunting ammo can use an actual pen and paper. However you do it, being able to write down lyrics as they come to you is a crucial part of the process and allows you to be creative every day. One you’ve got a place to write them down, you can focus on your lyrics.

Writing based on an idea or theme is usually easier, since one idea will lead to another and keep the creative juices flowing. Get into the zone. Put on an instrumental beat and see what comes to you. If you’re just starting out, pick a beat that’s a little slow (try between 80-90 BPM), so you don’t feel rushed. See what kind of lyrics sound cool, and what fits the beat. People might think you’re a crazy person talking to yourself, but who cares? You’re the next Eminem.

After you’ve written a few lines, your lyrics will naturally be different in terms of tempo & rhythm, and may not fit in with the original song. As you write more and more, you’ll build up “ammo” that can be used later, when it fits the lyrical theme, rhythm, or feel of the next song.

The second option is to write lyrics for a specific beat. When doing this, keep the dynamics of the song in mind. When the song is slow and mellow, do you mirror that in your delivery or do the opposite? Are you following the breaks in the music, or filling the space during those breaks? One of the most powerful techniques when it comes to dynamics is to build up intensity in your delivery along with the song, then let loose at the peak. A good example of this is “Drop The World” by Lil’ Wayne.

When initially introduced to the sport we realised the future of it and instinctively knew that Airsoft will be the new paintball. We felt airsoft was just perfectly geared around the more mature, thinking player who was concerned with realism, not only in the equipment and weapons but also with the way the sport was performed.

At first we noticed significant value in corporate teambuilding events – so much so that a number of corporate delegates have decided to take up the sport on a more frequent and serious basis. Airsoft “Tactical Simulation” has been incredibly popular amongst company event organisers and is additionally offering us an opportunity to dynamically broaden the sport of Airsoft into several alternative corporate environments.

The war games are structured around missions which require much more teamwork than in paintball. When employing functions required by an effective military unit, relevant elements of motivation can be introduced in order to encourage people out of their comfort zones. The participants are given detailed operations briefs including aerial maps of the area, as well as guidance as to the planning of their missions and the use of resources and information. The participants will move to the field, have mission briefs, allocate team leaders and squad leaders where appropriate. Also, use basic tactics, communication (radios if used) and movement using the maps. The debriefs are professionally facilitated in order to extract elements that may be apparent for the team in the normal office working environment.

The weapons are absolute replicas of real-life army weapons ranging from fully automatic rifles, pistols and handguns, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and even mounted machine guns. These war games are carefully designed with regard to drills and systems which should be used in order to be as effective as possible. The physical elements of these war games has been somewhat reduced however the thinking requirements have not been compromised in any way.

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