Even though some countries and cities may report a decline in the level of crime dogging their jurisdiction, the truth is that crime is a reality that society and individuals must find ways to deal with. When it comes to personal protection, different persons have different needs depending on a number of factors such as status in society. This is where the role of bodyguards, also known as executive protection specialists, comes in. Indeed, the need for bodyguards has seen a rapid increase in line with the growing threat to personal safety presented by terrorism, crime and unpredictable stalkers.

In addition, prominent persons such as politicians, business persons, top level corporate executives and celebrities rely on the services of bodyguards to help them avoid pesky paparazzi and ensure they enjoy their privacy hire bodyguard london. Due to their high risk work environment and the high demand for their services, bodyguards are relatively well compensated.

But being an executive protection specialist takes hard work and dedication if one is to effectively execute their role. Bodyguards must be physically fit and in near perfect health. This will provide a good foundation for them to protect their client. Looking at the circle of persons their clients will frequently be in contact with, a specialist must also have great oral and written communication skills.

Moreover, bodyguards will come across different types of people during the course of duty and they must have good interpersonal skills while taking care not to compromise their client’s safety. Today’s bodyguards must make use of both brain and brawn. Apart from physically confronting and repelling threats against their client, bodyguards will sometimes be called upon to negotiate with the aggressor in order to avoid the threat from materializing into injury or fatality.

Bodyguards should also be observant and highly aware of their surroundings. In fact, a bodyguard must, where possible take the initiative of familiarizing themselves with an area prior to their client’s arrival. This will help them to better make practical evacuation plans as well as take appropriate action when confronted with danger. For instance, they will be better positioned to identify which is the quickest escape route depending on what area of the compound or building the client is located at the time. The role of a bodyguard is to protect people and property on behalf of specific clients, who are typically wealthy, famous, political figures, and other at-risk persons. To become a bodyguard you need to possess or acquire a broad range of skills in order to be considered for the job.

For example, successful bodyguards are loyal, possess above average intelligence, and have the ability to maintain a constant awareness of their surroundings as it pertains to the individual being protected. They must have excellent powers of observation, outstanding listening skills, the social skills necessary to work as part of a team, not to mention being able to remain calm even in chaotic situations. In addition, bodyguards must be physically fit and process the ability to make fast and appropriate decisions followed up by decisive action under stressful conditions.

Being a bodyguard is a serious job that should only be undertaken by serious people. Essentially, bodyguards are personal protection officers, lives and valuable property may be at stake, and the decisions you make when acting on behalf of your client will have far-reaching implications. One of the hints I can give you for playing Mafia Wars and is readily available for your use is the use of bodyguards. If you want to learn tricks on how to take the best advantage of bodyguards in the game please carry on reading. Once you have learned how to get bodyguards and use them strategically for your advantage, Mafia Wars will be one of the easiest games to play.

A critical strategy is to get bodyguards in the beginning or early in the game. It will be easier to accomplish later jobs at higher levels the sooner you have them. Bodyguards are so important that you will require at least two of them to execute any job from level 25 to 35. Bodyguards are also very critical for your defense and that is another reason why you require them. Rival physical assaults from another players will be much easier to handle the more bodyguards you own. They may also be used to fight back and that is a great thing in itself. So, in plain language: you will win more fights the more bodyguards you have.

In order to help you get as many bodyguards as doable, here are a few hints. The quickest and imaginably the safest bet is to keep redo the job “protect your city against a rival family”. Bodyguards are dropped as a random loot item when you complete this task and just by doing this job over and over again you will soon have quite a lot of them.

Another option for receiving bodyguards is to get them from another players, either as a gift or by trading for other items you have. When you have so many bodyguards that there is an abundance of them you can even sell some of them to other players and make huge profits as long as you keep doing this job as many times as possible. You may also need other things in the game than money and it is possible to trade your bodyguards for other items you will need such as cards or weapons.

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