You finally decided to take that amazing vacation to Turkey, but you are not sure about the best way to travel while you are there. Many travelers decide to book an organized tour for their Turkey trip. Some of the most popular choices range from an inexpensive large group bus tour to a luxury private custom tour. Here are a few important issues to consider as you decide between a large group bus tour versus a private custom tour.

The biggest advantage for a large group bus tour is the price. You can find great large group travel packages to see Turkey at a very low cost because you are sharing the major expenses with all of your travel companions Milan Cathedral windows. As the saying goes, you will get what you pay for. Generally, you will be travelling six to ten hours by bus each day, with forty or more travel companions, stopping a couple of hours at predetermined places for shopping and staying at hotels that can handle the number of travelers in your tour, but may not always hit the mark on quality. Keeping the costs down and you shopping as much as possible is the priority for the large group bus tours. You will also have less flexibility to linger a bit longer at a tour site or visit other historical sites that are not on the schedule of your tour.

However, a private custom tour could be a great fit for you if you are looking for flexibility, quality hotels, guides and food, and attention to detail on every aspect of your tour. Following are 3 important reasons to consider a private customer tour for your Turkey vacation.

First of all, you will have 100% control over your schedule. Your itinerary and hotel choices reflect your preferences for your tour and can be revised at your request. Also, once you have started your tour it is often possible for you to take side trips or alter the schedule in the middle of the day if you choose. This is your private tour of Turkey, and it is your valuable time that is the number one priority.

Secondly, private tours are careful to select a highly qualified guide that will bring the sites you are visiting to life. Your tour guide should be licensed by TURSAB and certified to speak your language. Some guides go above and beyond the requirement for their licensing and take courses to further educate themselves on specific subjects and areas of Turkey making them the best in their field. You can ask for references from past customers about the guides that a travel agency uses for their custom tours.

Lastly, attention to every detail of your tour is an advantage that a private custom tour has over a large group bus tour. If you love adventure sports, culinary arts, or are interested in the biblical history of Turkey, a private custom tour can be arranged to reflect your every whim and desire. You will have more control over the quality of the hotels you stay in, the restaurants where you eat and the activities you choose for your tour. The travel agency you are working with should provide the websites of the hotels they are using for your reference and you can check customer reviews on websites such as Trip Advisor.

Remember that although a private custom tour of Turkey may cost more than a large group bus tour, you will be getting a highly personalized tour that has been designed around your specific interests, a high quality guide that brings the sites to life, and attention to detail so that you get the most out of your experience and your money while touring Turkey. Bus Tours to both the South Rim, and the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, go 365 days a year. South Rim bus tours take 14-15 hours from Las vegas, and back again- due to the distance involved. The South Rim is 5 hours driving one way from Las vegas. The West Rim bus tours take approximately 11 hours round trip, from Las vegas and back as the West Rim is 3 hours driving one way from Las vegas. I have heard of numerous testimonials of people telling me how much they had enjoyed their tours, to both the Grand Canyon West Rim, and Grand Canyon South Rim. Choosing a company with the Newest, most comfortable luxury motor coaches (some have super comfortable 81 passenger double-decker tour buses! ), can make the longer driving distances much more pleasurable & tolerable. Most buses are washed daily, have restrooms on-board, play DVD movies, and have individual air conditioning controls at the seats. Grand Canyon Bus Tour options, are the most affordable, and because of the simplicity can be booked easily on-line. Tours can be booked all hours, and the bus packages are very rarely ever sold out. If booking “on-line” look for a website that has a simple menu, and explains the company background, and experience. A simple website can make the “Buying Experience” very easy and less time-consuming also. It is also a good idea to get to bed early, as the bus tour packages depart around 6: 00am, Las vegas time.

People who drive on their own, frequently under-estimate driving distances, gas costs, entry fees, and costs for meals. The West Rim has a much higher entry fee than the South Rim, as the South Rim is operated by the National Park Service. The South Rim however, involves a driving distance of 270 miles ( 5 hours ) – one way, whereas the West Rim again is 155 miles ( 3 hours ), one way – from Las vegas.

Even though tours are generally offered at “Substantial Discounts”, but don’t forget that there is an “optional fee” of 35. 00 to walk on the new “Skywalk”, at the West Rim – that goes directly to the Hualapais. Both the South Rim, and West Rim bus tours generally include breakfast and lunch, and a 20 minute photo stop at Hoover Dam on the way. Some West Rim tours also include activities; such as the Indian traditional dances, and an “Old West” cowboy gunfight show.

So, in summary -if you want to visit the Grand Canyon, and save money doing it, while in Las vegas, (tours pick up at Las vegas hotels)… First study, and choose whether you would prefer a “South Rim tour, or a West Rim tour. If booking on-line; look for a website that’s easy to navigate, and check the companies experience (how long have they been doing this? ) Look for a company that represents good Tour Bus Companies, with newer tour buses (service providers), and offers discounted rates, but beware of the “hidden fees”. Remember, the lowest price does not always equate to the best “Tour for your money”. If you feel comfortable with your sales agency, paying $80. 00 to 115. 00 per person, is a pretty good deal for a great tour of the Majestic Grand Canyon.

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