Many common belief systems operate on the concept that the universe is, at least in part, based on the law of 7. We have seven musical notes in a scale, each vibrating at a different frequency; seven colours of the rainbow and there are also seven planes of existence. These seven planes are divided into 3 ordinal (concrete), one neutral, connecting and 3 cardinal(abstract). Each of the ordinals is mirrored by its corresponding cardinal plane.

Each sphere operates on a different “frequency”, with the first – physical sphere – being of the slowest vibration and thus presenting the densest sphere metaphysical store. The medium of this one is concrete energy. This is the sphere we currently reside in – earth – and it is being mirrored in the abstract energy the highest of the cardinal spheres, the Buddhaic.

The second, astral sphere has concrete emotional energy as its medium and is the place our consciousness is focussed between various lifetimes or at the end of our time within the physical plane. It is possible to visit this plane while having out of body experiences, either intentional while awake or during dreams. The concrete emotion of this plane is in turn mirrored by the abstract emotion of the Messianic plane.

Concrete intellectual energy is the medium within the third – causal – plane of creation. This, the highest of the ordinal planes, is found to be mirrored by the lowest of the cardinal, the Mental plane.

The central fourth – neutral -plane, known as the Akashic plane, interconnects all of the other six planes. Here, the condensed knowledge of and every event occurring within the universe will be recorded as it happens. It appears that all energy and matter have a kind of built in recording device, recording all history in a type of photographic code, while the records themselves are windows showing the past. These records are raw in as much that they show all events as they were originally experienced and it requires a consciousness to assimilate it before it is stored in the Akashic plane. Jet is a variety of coal known as lignite and is generally black or dark brown, and may contain inclusions of Pyrite, which may create a brassy, metallic lustre. It is organic in origin, and is also known as black amber, although it is not actually Amber. It is a form of petrified wood similar to coal with a Mohs Hardness of 2. 5 with an amorphous crystal structure.

Like coal, Jet is a carbon based stone that is formed from the remains of wood that has been immersed in water for millions of years, then compacted and fossilized by extreme pressure. When burned or touched with a hot implement, it often exudes the characteristic smell of burning coal.

Being a fossilized resin Jet shares a close energetic relationship to Amber and this stone when rubbed with a cloth will build up an electrical charge attracting pieces of dust or paper, similar to Amber.

Jet has been used as a talisman since Stone Age days and has a long history of use. It was often associated with protection in the afterlife among both the Egyptian and Pueblo people. This stone can be traced back to ancient times when the Romans mined it in Asia Minor in a town referred to as Gagates on the river Gaga. Jet has been used for ornamentation since the Bronze Age. Mined in the area of York, England since 1500 B. C. E and used throughout Spain and Europe for jewellery, Jet was also carved into rosary beads and religious sculptures. It is used as a protective talisman and for religious purposes by several Native American cultures.

Medieval healers believed that burning jet was a cure for fevers and all manner of different illnesses. It was used extensively in mourning jewellery in Victorian times due to its sombre colour and modest appearance. This stone has long been known for alleviating grief and bringing it to the surface to be healed.

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