Dark circles under the eyes, and the puffiness, or bagginess associated with them is a cosmetic problem which many people share. There appear to be several causes of dark circles under the eyes. Tiredness, fluid retention, dehydration, genetics and hyperpigmentation are just a few of them. As there are so many causes, or possible causes of dark circles under the eyes, there are many different treatments recommended for them.

Most often the dark circles are treated by application of cosmetics. Skin lighteners and other makeup to cover the darker skin are frequently used dark web links. Since the dark circles are usually associated with puffiness or bags under the eyes, other choice applications include many of the skin toners/tighteners. Research points to the use of retinal creams which not only tighten the skin, and lighten it, but also contain vitamin A, the lack of which is often associated with bad skin tone. Runway models have often mentioned the use of Preparation H as a short term “quick fix” for the bags and discoloration.

More long lasting solutions include chemical peels, or other forms of dermabrasion. Many professional cosmeticians shy away from the more aggressive treatments, and opt for such apparently effective temporary fixes as placing cucumber slices on the closed eyes for up to an hour. Others swear by the use of cold damp tea bags.

One of the major concerns in our modern society is that we are in general a population of undernourished and underfed people. The normal quantities of vitamins and mineral and the seasonal variations in menu which we once consumed gave us a more balanced diet than the average person consumes when a favorite food can be consumed all year round to the exclusion of other foods containing other nutrients.

An alternative medicine site on the web indicates that vitamins K and C and antioxidants are good choices for prevention and cure of dark circles under the eyes.

The medical practitioners in the field of plastic surgery, apparently are prepared to do surgical reconstruction of the eyelids to correct the problem. Short of that, there are collagen injections, and botox injections to reduce the wrinkles associated with the dark circles.

It seems that this problem, dark circles under the eyes, has many etiologies, (reasons that it is happening), and that it also has many solutions, or treatments. A reasonable person might wonder if the success of the treatment depends on the nature of the problem. It might be well worth your time to investigate what your physical makeup is, and attempt to determine what the cause of your dark circles is. If your dark circles appear when you don’t get enough sleep and disappear when you are rested, perhaps you should get more sleep if you don’t want to have dark circles under your eyes. If you are having other symptoms of water retention, such as edema in your lower legs, perhaps it is time to consult with a doctor about your condition. Water retention can lead to, or be symptomatic of other, more serious health problems. The human body is a very complex mechanism of various interconnected systems, and the design works best when “all systems are go, ” to borrow a phrase from the space program. o Get a good night sleep – it is very likely that you’ve heard about this rule from other sources but most of the other articles in the web failed to address how exactly you are going to get a good night slumber. Well, you can do this by making sure that the room is dark so you can achieve complete rest. Be sure to use allergen-free bedding so reduce dark circle caused by allergies. If you have the cash to spare, be sure to use white noise machine to ensure that your place is serene and quiet because this is a good way to eradicate serious dark circles. The use of ceiling fan can make the bedroom cool so you stay asleep all through the night.

o Be sure to indulge in a sweaty exercise about 4 hours before you hit the sack. This is extremely hard for some people but by making sure that you do a 15 minute exercise to ensure your heart is pumping rapidly will allow you to sleep soundly at night which is a crucial step to be able to get rid of serious dark circles. This is one of the most effective processes you can try.

o For you to be able to eliminate dark under eye circles, be sure to go to bed at the same time each night. Also, it is a must that you wake up in the morning on the same time. This rule can be very tough if you have kids around. But this is easier if you just make an effort for it. So instead of waiting the kids to sleep, the better option would be to sleep with them.

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