In this short article we are going to take a look at one of the easiest, most lucrative strategies you can implement right now to turn your online income stream up in a hurry. It’s not complicated or complex and you don’t need anything other than a little bit of free time to make it happen. Read on as we take a quick peek at the dedicated affiliate marketing site for fun and profit..

Contrary to more convoluted and creative marketing machinations, with this simple strategy you are going to pick a simple topic you are familiar with, put up a simple site to accommodate it’s purpose, and simply add content to the pages dedicated to one specific product or service that you will promote as an affiliate. The key to this strategy is really simplicity, and hyper focus from the standpoint of your keywords, and content why not try these out. If you are writing about diet for example, simply pick one high converting diet product from your affiliate network, and surround your content with offers from this vendor, and weave text links in your content, pointing to specific products and services from the affiliate catalog.

A blog makes for a perfect content management system for this particular setup – as once you get some momentum you can capitalize on the dynamic advantages of RSS and social network strategies to ensure your site gets traffic. Keeping your post titles keyword rich and full of low competition, high volume search phrases that other people overlook is another great way of optimizing your pages for the search engines. If you aren’t producing and distributing your own branded re-print articles right now, what are you waiting for? Articles meet a number of important business objectives, and they do it for free. The concept of using articles is similar to that of creating a free product, the main difference being that you’re not giving away a pre-built product. Rather, you’re creating a free information source through an article on a particular subject that should directly relate to the content found on your site.

The really great thing about using articles is that you can generate and submit as many of them as you want to on as many different article directories as you can find that offer free submission. To find them, just type ‘Article Directory’ into your favorite search-engine.

A well-written article earns you major credibility and enhances your expertise in the eyes of potential customers and they give you a chance to really show off the fact that you know your subject.

Articles are also superb traffic building tools. Each article that you write and distribute, while granting others the right to re-print it, has a viral effect on your traffic. Your reach is expanded into areas of the web you may never have discovered on your own.

You see, once an article is written and submitted to an article directory, it’s out there FOREVER! Even if you decide to remove it from the article-sites, other people would have found it and used it on their own site (with YOUR links in it) and you cannot remove the article from other people’s websites.

Articles have a cumulative effect on your link popularity, and on the number of keywords that pull up your site in the search engine listings.

If you don’t feel that you can write, or if you’re simply too busy to write, you can hire a ghostwriter to produce your content on the cheap. There are plenty of freelancers to be found at places like Elance. com. However, I really do recommend you TRY writing. You may be very pleasantly surprised at how much you know And you might actually enjoy writing, especially if it’s about a subject you’re interested in.

The theory is very simple: the more articles you submit to different article directory databases, the more chances you have of getting higher rates of traffic into your web site.

One last thing to really be sure your articles get placed inside the directories you submit them to is to write up your own original articles. Not only that, you could also post them directly onto your own web site, and offer your site visitors the opportunity to reprint them for free on their own web sites.

There is one thing you must include with every article you release, and that is a link (at least one) Back to your own website. This is your payoff for writing and submitting the article in the first place. Take a quick peek at any of the articles at EzineArticles. com and you’ll see each author’s byline at the bottom of the page.

You’ll sometimes hear people refer to the byline as a “resource box”. They’re both the same thing, but I think the phrase “resource box” describes the content more accurately.

Your resource box contains a very brief summary of your business history and areas of expertise, along with RELATED resources like a free giveaway you’re offering (ebook, email course etc. ) and this resource box is your ADVERTISING area. You grant other web publishers the right to reprint and distribute your article at will on the condition that your resource box remains intact and unchanged.

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