Losing weight can often feel like a losing battle. Even when we drop a few, the pounds seem to creep back in. Or, we may get on top of our eating for a while… only to find ourselves back “under the scale. ” You end up asking yourself, “How did that happen, how did I gain it all back.. and more? “

We can observe the stress people go through to lose weight, to eat right, or to keep the precious pounds off, is like a war… The calorie-counts, the up-and-down pounds holistic shop, body-shame, starving ourselves, and longing for what we shouldn’t be eating (which tempts us more).

Common sense says, “there isn’t any other way. ” If i am overweight, maybe seriously so, if my food habits weigh me down, keep me from enjoying my life, and if I love sweets, alcohol, carbs, or (fill in the blank) too much, and I eat when i am not hungry… then of course, I have to fight the fight!

In the Holistic intervention, we employ an “end-the battle” approach that has been effective with weight loss and many longstanding health conditions. The Holistic philosophy by-passes the usual approaches to fighting against our addictions. Fighting addictions keeps the fight going – fighting strengthens the battle, really.

The Holistic intervention supports you to be healthy, happy, and eating organic. But how do you get healthy and happy, when “getting there” always seems just out of reach, or a long way away from our current condition of extra pounds and low energy?

Holistic coaching teaches you to listen to your body’s moods, feelings, compulsions, and cravings. In the whole person approach, we ask: “What are you trying to get from the food? ” Once we identify the essential compulsion, then we help you find a way to satisfy the desire in harmony with your body. If i crave chocolate, for example, how can i get the good feeling I get from chocolate, without overeating or binging on Snickers Bars, with their messy consequences?

Food issues are the symptoms of unhappiness. So our focus is to find what makes us happy, not fight with what makes us unhappy. This approach brings your body, your thoughts, and your feelings together, rather than the battle in your mind (“should I eat this or not? “)

Another aspect of the holistic understanding is exercise. Exercise is usually a vital part of weight management and health restoration. However, the Holistic Coach evaluates if the patient is continuing the attitude of fight by choosing a work-out that is hard on their body (such as kick-boxing), or pushing too hard to try to get the pounds off too fast. The mental “pounding” approach to pounds is often counter-productive, and reinforces the self-hatred and body-anger that often started the health problem in the first place. At the core of the hard approach to exercise is the patient’s essential judgment of their body, their body image, and the Self who inhabits it.

Traditional regimens for weight loss (i. e, dieting, hard exercise, self-analysis, “the fight approach”) have worked in some case. Frequently, as you may know, the weight may come off, but the butt eventually gets big again, and the trimmed-down tummy bulges again. That’s because the resistance approach does not “feed” the starving child-like personality inside the adult man or woman’s cravings. This is the part of many of us that essentially judges, fights ourselves. Food (or alcohol or shopping or sex) becomes the diversion from the battle inside, and treatments for the food, alcohol, shopping, or sex may miss the “big” picture–the self-judgment.

The Holistic approach is an invitation to focus on the starving, child-like part of us who needs more love. Our Whole Person intervention supports the forgiveness and a nourishing appreciation of our body, in whatever shape we are currently in. This treatment embraces all the emotions that we had stuffed down in our guts. And we free ourselves from the limiting bondage of conditional love (“I will love and accept myself when i am a size 7”). This allow our living spirit to emerge, an essential element of the discipline required to get ourselves back in shape and in health. There truly is no better time than right now, in this day and age that we are so blessed to live in to become a Holistic Fashionista. We are at the pinnacle of a healthy living revolution where being skinny or overweight is not in vogue– being healthy is so chic! Building your holistic business is all about defining your brand and crafting your authentic marketing message. My brand is all about empowering the holistic fashionista to get healthy and pursue her dreams. Find out is you’re one of us!

Holistic means whole or oneness. Whether you are looking at your health, your wardrobe, or your life in general, when you look at it as one big pie. When you see life as holistic, then all the magic pieces starting falling into place: work, love, play. I don’t know about you, but when you’re living the dream and doing it with major style, life becomes pretty kick-ass.

With holistic living there are no short-cuts, quick fixes, or ways to cheat– that’s why the process of being holistic is so friggin cool. You get to eat healthy, delicious meals (who cares about fad diets and calorie counting), use skincare products that don’t contain harsh ingredients (bye-bye acne), you get to detox and cleanse your body so you have energy through the roof (more time to play dress up! ), and the best part is you get to capitalize on being YOU.

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