Though The indian subcontinent itself is a strong investment destination (with property prices reaching new heights), more and more Indians are going abroad to buy their dream properties. The rich and the second middle-class society of The indian subcontinent are buying homes in the world’s most high-ticket cities. Indian real estate companies are also stepping into Joint Projects with the companies of foreign countries specially beach.

One of the most popular destinations among Indian buyers is London. Rich Indian parents make sure that their children live with same conveniences tourist visa online dubai. They buy serviced apartments for them where they can have their own cars, maids and chefs. Some analysts point out that London is a preferred location because of India’s historical relationship with the UK. Other The european countries are also catching the interest of Indian buyers. International companies are luring buyers with their apartments and villas. The cost of a rental in England is around Rs 3-4 crore, making it reasonable priced for the millionaires and billionaires of The indian subcontinent. With sky rocketing prices in The indian subcontinent, many buyers believe that it preferable to buy a lavish property abroad.

Developers are also wooing buyers by offering rewards like a BMW with an apartment, private jet with a penthouse, multiple entry visas into the country where you keep a house. Serious buyers also get rewards like a free ticket to check the property.

Purchasing a home abroad is necessity for some, luxury for some and for some it is a reason to possess. Some people like to possess their second home with foreign address and Dubai is a strong option for such buyers. Dubai is a popular option because it has no taxes and it takes only two and a half hours from Mumbai to reach there. Also, easy accessibility to loans and residence visas in UAE for property buyers are additional attractions. Based on their budget and their individual requirements, many Indians have purchased residential as well as commercial properties in Dubai. Besides, Indians with big business interests in Dubai are investing in apartments there.

During the last two or three years, Malaysia and Singapore have been locations which have also generated interest as investment destinations and prices in all three markets have increased. The total well being in Malaysia is very high Malaysia has a very high and the cost of living is one of the lowest in Asia. The country now offers a very ripped structure, medical facilities, residence options, education opportunities and a vast range of recreation/entertainment options. Many rewards can be obtained to those looking a second home in Malaysia like a 10-year multiple entry visa, buying a car without any tax. In Singapore and Dubai there are large international business communities that rent apartments, whereas, Malaysia offers relatively cheaper investment alternatives and an emerging market conditions. Though Singapore and Dubai have witnessed large scale structure growth, commercial, retail and residential development, it is difficult to assess the future growth prospects in the coming years.

Last but not the least, many Indians are thinking about US for a second home option and specially New york in New york. In contrast to other US cities, buyers in New york cannot flip their contracts before they close on the deal. So, they have to have the full amount available and cannot speculate easily. Besides that, in New york, a good property costs $500, 000 and above, unlike in Miami and Nevada where the barrier is just $100, 000. Thus is the real reason that New york is a solid yet affordable market. Because of the sub-prime crisis in the usa, demand for real estate has reduced in many groups there. There are a lot of properties in the country, which don’t have ready buyers prices attended down. Along with this, recently, the value of rupee saw some strengthening. All this has stimulated restored interest among Indians who have been looking forward to invest in properties abroad.

With increase in throw away income, it is quite most likely that people will prefer buying their second homes abroad. These homes are also like their holiday homes, where they can just unwind themselves in sheer luxury. And obviously, places like Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore and London may be interesting methods of the same. Bollywood celebrities who often am London and US are also buying houses there. Recently, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai brought a property in Dubai’s Jumeirah Golf Locations.

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